Sunday, June 10, 2012

Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll get the burgers.

This is where my daughter Jennifer and I had our Saturday shopping lunch before venturing to the shops in Sagamihara Japan for groceries, goodies, and the weekly pilgrimage to the Hello Kitty shop nearby. Jens was three when we started this weekly tradition, the two of us, venturing into the city on a bicycle. We had a red industrial Japanese bike built for living. Three gears and a cool seat for a small person on the back. A big basket for things gathered. We liked McDonald’s. We liked our Saturday lunches together.

Birthday breakfasts were usually in bed with a McDonald’s meal. Yummy memories.

This is not a commercial for the world conglomerate, but Mickie D’s served as a haven of consistency in an otherwise inconsistent environment of moving places in the world as a military family. There was always McDonald’s and Ronald and Happy Meals. I have many good McDonald memories of my children…

In 2001 when I was living rather leanly, my son Sean and I went to get Sean a his first cellphone. Afterwards, we went to McDonald’s. When I went to pay, Sean noticed I fumbled around with my wallet. I had no cash. Sean was sixteen and just starting to work as a furniture delivery guy. He put his arm around me and said, “Don’t worry Dad. I’ll get the burgers.” That quarter-pounder with cheese tasted great beyond words. I drove by that McDonald’s this afternoon.

Photo of the McDonald’s in Sagamihara Japan by “barberdavidm”.

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