Saturday, July 21, 2012


Seeking to understand how things unfolded. I can accept history. But there’s more to it than the word. History. I’ve studied it. Read it. Re-read it. Still reading. How did it unfold, I mean really happen. It just doesn’t seem right to me, this history thing we humans do. With some important things like wars and religion, is it worth the time to study the unfoldings? What happened? Does it matter if I find out the truth? Could the ultimate truth be a long story, a telling from a knowing teller who tells what happened, complete with a Q & A session? Would the truth, the true history of things make a difference to the present or change anything about how I fashion my future? I think it’s one thing to get it wrong, to not follow a plan. To not believe in plans would be different. To think there’s a plan and then find out one never existed. History doesn’t matter anymore. History is a word. History exists. I wish I could think of lighter things right now. This makes me wonder about events and collective decisions. All the stories within everyone. All the myths. The dreams.

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