Tuesday, July 24, 2012

united consumers

America is divided in many ways. But in a basic way, Americans are all consumers. Use the word customer if that suits you better. Or buyer. In America, we have choices in the marketplaces and choices in labels.

It’s natural for sellers to work to draw customers. Advertising seeks to convince the buyer that the buyer has a need, a desire. Competing sellers seek to divide the throng of buyers. Sellers create custom items to appeal to perceived customer groups. Size matters, for example. Colors attract.

The divisions are temporary. The customers walk away from the marketplace, satisfied.

Conflicts occur when the marketplace contains limited items. Consumers worry. Will there be enough? As long as there’s enough, the buyers remain calm, but hopeful.

As consumers, Americans are united. And consider that over the course of a week, for instance, Americans spend most of their time consuming, or in activities related to purchasing. Now the marketplace is virtual and screens deliver our goods.

Americans drift to religion and politics but the driftings are short.

Sports and pastimes can be passionately consuming but in the end most activities require a fee for entry.

I think many issues deserve more examination from a market perspective. Creating a peaceful plentiful marketplace is what most of us want. It’s primordial stuff.

I broke my silence and posted this at the Kansas City Star's MidWest Voices page.

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