Thursday, May 28, 2009

far south

It’s as far south in New Jersey as I can go. But if you see the place and smell the sea, the back bay chowder aroma, and hear the sea gulls, it will make sense. There are places further north. I know that. Look over there. See that? That’s what I see when I get up in the morning to make coffee. Our beach spot where we plant the umbrella and chairs is right there, over that small dune. And back here. There’s the bay. I can watch the sun set between my toes lying in bed. This is where I come to read, to think, to cook, to listen to my head. We all need that, I think. For some of us it’s a place. Like for me, this is my place to retreat. But the retreat begins when I hit Route 9 off the Parkway.
Cape May Point (NJ) Retreat
Architect: Michael Ryan

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