Saturday, May 2, 2009

first friday music

The music last night echoed around the buildings here and sounded very clear. With my window opened about a foot, I fell asleep to someone doing a pretty good Janis Joplin singing “Take Another Little Piece of My Heart”. At around one in the morning, I awoke to some stirring electronica dance music with a powerful beat. This music, recorded, blasted from the restaurant patio across the street. Nara, apparently has a reputation for being very hip, so while laying awake in bed, I rehearsed a very hip phone call to the Nara Manager to request some volume adjustment. Thought a while. Then decided the duvet had my ankles secured, unable to escape. Just then, realizing that my duvet had other plans, the music stopped. The monthly neighborhood party settled and ended quietly with a few exceptions. Around three, some guy spoke loudly with his friends and laughed a lot on his way to his car. It’s all part of the first Friday experience here. My duvet released me around 10am.

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