Wednesday, May 13, 2009

free lunch

Journalists must have a difficult time penetrating the political action groups, lobby organizations, and noble non-profit think tanks. It seems that our government, even at the local level, is steered by sophisticated funded teams of people. Journalists know this well. The lobby has replaced the great democracy experiment, the romantic populism of the early 19th Century, the grass roots civil rights and feminist movements, and gay rights momentum marches cum Harvey Milk.

People have realized that influence costs and they have found a way to raise the funds and purchase a seat at lunch next to the Senator.

And now the funded influence groups surpass the government in sophistication, so much so that journalists seem to be finding new life and larger salaries as members of the clubs they always wished to join but never could because influence costs. News orgaizations hire experts, members of funded influence groups, to tell us about government based upon their experiences at lunch.

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