Thursday, May 14, 2009

overheard on a field trip 1

so when he threw dripped poured
thin then here thick black
streams onto raw canvas
the color of barley in a late
august field just before sunset
and the white paint what of it there is looks like
cream colored icing on a cinnamon bun
that can’t be finished, no way
when he decided or not did he
know that the canvas was a color
or was he drunk that evening
in the studio with a bare bulb
swinging behind him did he
play Miles Davis and how many
cigarettes did this take and how
long did the paint stay wet
before he lifted it from the floor
or how about if this happened
outside does that account for why
it’s mostly black and white
so what, man she doesn’t know
I bet someone gave him
five bucks for it because he wanted
to just paint over it and they were
drunk not him yeah if that's what
happened then he got more than five bucks
but how did they get it in the car it’s too big you dumb ass,
forget it

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