Sunday, May 24, 2009

the replacement…we have an app for that

So today, I’m listening to the gospel. It’s the story from Acts where Peter gathers his congregation to introduce two candidates to replace bad bad ol’ Judas the snitch, stool pigeon. Candidate number one – Justus…Candidate number two – Matthias. Both of these fellows knew Jesus and hung out with the twelve disciples a great deal. I suppose they were on the JV team. Maybe they handled catering and travel arrangements. Anyway, Peter introduces them and then they cast lots to see who would be the winner. I assume both wanted the job. We don’t know. Lots. They cast lots. No speeches allowed by either guy. I think Peter should have given them a chance to say a few words. We’re not sure if the eleven apostles cast the lots or the whole congregation. The passage mentions about 120 folks were there to witness this. Today the congregation consisted of five people. They cast lots. Rolled some kind of dice, probably three. Could be the same game the Roman guards played to see who would win Jesus’ robe. Remember the movie? Richard Burton won and ended up a lion snack at a matinee colleseum performance along with Jean Simmons. They cast lots. Both of these guys really deserved to win. Poor Justus lost. Of course, perhaps because he wasn’t on the A team, he was able to escape the Romans and the lion bait crucifixion gig. We don’t know. Not sure how Matthias made out. Where did Peter send him? And Justus. Was he now in charge of catering and travel arrangements after his loss? No matter, really. I’m sure they both got great contracts.

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