Thursday, May 21, 2009

sketch pad

Frank Gehry's sketch for the Train Station in Barcelona
"There’s no use in making this more than it is. The sketch really just captured my first impression of it. It didn’t have to be like that. If you do take it and frame it, that will piss me off because I said it’s just a start, an impression. I know you liked it, but someone wants me paint the damn thing not just sketch it. So, if they see that thing in your apartment framed, they think it’s something I gave you right? Listen. No. Please, just give it back to me for a while. Let me finish the painting. You’re not listening. I said, someone may get the impression that I gave it to you, when in fact, you and I know you asked me for it. Right. My mistake. I should have never ripped it out of my sketch pad. My first mistake. Good. I’ll be right over."

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