Friday, May 22, 2009

writing in tangents

Today, I wrote a few posts in the local newspaper’s blog site and am now rereading the posts but more important the responses to my posts. It may be time for a time out to gather the pieces of thought and consider some of the ideas behind the patchwork of writings that blogging seems to encourage. So here, an attempt to connect the patches, assemble a quilt, step back and ponder:
- Writings that perpetuate the aura and lure of conflict, without recognizing the human dimension, gain my attention and I believe that the humane perspective within me comes forth, providing counterpoint to these discussions. Today I made a subtle point about planning violence while reminding the writer that mathematical discussions of warfare cannot quantify violence. My intent was to incite planners to consider the gravity of their planning. A few veterans took exception to my point. I should have made my point more bluntly, I suppose. This tangential way of writing, using suggestion, leaving the reader space to think, elicits heated response, more heated than a blunt force sentence.
- Blunt message intended: military operations soon will be outsourced to contractors, trying to dignify the profession seems to perpetuate the continuation of violence as the most efficient instrument of national power. That efficiency deserves to shift to the instrument of diplomacy and economic development.
- Current events, like the issue of torture, seem very complex and often the complexity does not get the attention it deserves. We seem to want to simplify sophisticated processes like business, warfare, foreign policy, city planning, and health care. I try to give that complexity voice.
- Gun control, more aptly called weapons control gains people’s attention in this community. Religion similarly makes people pause to listen and respond.
- Business representatives rarely engage in public business discussions. Yet, much of our news consists of business related topics. It seems apparent to me that we need competent business-experienced voices in the national conversation.
- Business does not need party politics to succeed.
- Our government now owns a few powerful businesses given our bailout contributions. Government is no longer an honest broker…who is now?

Complexity…Gravity…Humanity…Attention getters (religion, weapons possession)… government (no longer intervention) ownership of businesses.

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