Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the dog book club

There’s a patch of grass, a small shaded park behind the north side of the River Market. Most evenings at around 7, dogs play as their owners chat. These dogs seem to get along really well. No barking. A few games of tag and the usual catching-up butt sniffing that they do. Tonight, there was a man sitting on a bench quietly reading. Two dogs playing “chase me repeatedly around the same area because I’m a dog who’s been in the house all day” stopped dead in their tracks to meet the man. He kept reading and ignored them. They sat at his feet and watched him read momentarily.

Still reading, he reached into his pocket, and brought out two biscuits, held them out, his eyes still in his book. The dogs gently took turns and had a biscuit. The beagle went first, followed by the golden retriever.

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