Tuesday, June 30, 2009

leaders sequestered

There are many voices coming from Iran in various ways and from various sources, explaining "what is" from their point of view. Those presently in power have taken measures to stay in power. The complex lines of communication and authority in the government, the Islamic Republic, in diagrams flow from the top to the various bottoms; various bottoms in that there are multiple power sources in the republics organizational structure. But often the actual lines of power can run from the bottom up. Often the groups that form power bases actually sequester the top leaders by virtue of their assets. The Revolutionary Guard is good example. Make them displeased and you had better be sure to make peace quickly.

The leader has made a choice to support a leader whose election results may be faulty. The status quo remains in power and perhaps they desire to be the ones to ultimately reform their way, to make overtures to the West according to their strategy, to ensure that the revolution remains a stable one. And in many ways, the status quo remains as much under house arrest as the numerous reformers who took to the streets recently and now pay the price. Power is a complex and very indefinable phenomenon.

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