Monday, June 1, 2009

heart beats in Wichita

Not far beneath the veneer of the manicured suburban lawns
and church parking lots, great schools,
and strip malls lurks the heart of this heartland.
a delicate place, a very fragile heart
easily upset with an irregular heartbeat.
the pacemaker keeping the rhythm,
a multitude of denominations with mixed messages,
all properly referenced though, prayers, sermons,
and bank accounts, has a very complex mechanism
the multitudes’ many shepherds move them
easily from paddock to paddock, from lightening and plague
to refreshing waters, and always a promise of a land
there will be more paddocks with secure fences and admission criteria.
The crack scatters them in all directions
the shepherds begin their work again.
find a passage that fits this please.
check the party affiliation.
common symbols with uncommon multiplicity
perhaps that’s the real blessing.
no one shepherd has the real shepherd’s robe
lost in a game of lots.
the meandering multitudes ache to understand the history,
trying to trace this journey through paddocks and time
and then when they see it realize that there with a gold dome,
a massive stone wall, and a nearby chapel
it’s a place where everyone grazes.

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