Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It may sound basic and trite but thermostats look very delicate when you take off the front case and peer into the guts. My AC ran on and on yesterday, so I turned it off, opened the window and invited the breeze to make its magic from the west. The slight wind slipped into the room and mixed with the cool machined and fanned air. Chris stopped by to check out my thermostat this afternoon. He fixed the drain hose, removing the kink that caused the water to drain from the wrong side of the unit and into the paper filter. He slipped in a new filter, too. As I was writing this, the AC kicked off indicating that the thermostat now works. My own thermostat worked well today, too. Walking down to Union Station then to Crown Center, back here, I built up a bit of a sweat indicating my AC works. This may sound basic and trite but I worry when I don’t sweat.

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