Tuesday, June 23, 2009

heat index

I realize that there must be a science behind this “heat index” measurement we hear. Like today, the announcer warned of the heat index climbing to 106 with a temperature of 97 F. It feels like 106 they say. In 2006, I learned that there’s hot and then there’s “Africa Hot”. Africa hot is a phrase coined by my friend Michael. I experienced it and believe him now. My recommendation is that we adopt the “Africa Hot” index…it could work like this: It’s going to be 97 today but if you were standing at fruit stand in Port Harcourt Nigeria at high noon with traffic streaming near you, motorcycle smoke up your nose…this would feel like 83. I think this global perspective would encourage us to appreciate the sunny day and cease the fear that plagues many when they hear that “it’s gonna feel like 106”. As for ozone alerts, I’m not sure how to mitigate fear and loathing just yet. Find some shade.

Ron and Don's Garden by Laura Tovar Dietrick

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