Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jonathan Miller

When Jonathan Miller discusses Shakespeare, he enjoys sharing his ideas as to what the stories relate to him. For example, he feels that King Lear tells the story of what happens when social order disintegrates to nothing. Taming of the Shrew relates how we sometimes learn about ourselves when our self is presented to us, as if looking in a mirror. But the amazing thing about Dr. Jonathan Miller is his wonderful ability to share his mind with anyone wishing to listen. In a time when society and “industry” encourage the young to associate themselves with a particular niche, a specialized skill, one can see that people of incredible versatility like Miller have so very much to offer. Call him a renaissance person, but I look to him as a pleasant model of what can happen when one remains curious about the world.

Before there was Monty Python, there was Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. And before Peter Cook and Dudley Moore there was “Beyond the Fringe” with Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett and Jonathan Miller in 1960.

Jonathan Miler’s humility and curiosity makes him someone who tends to fly below the media radar in this time when unless one must grab attention within the first minute. This is Jonathan with Alan (blond hair and glasses) in a sketch from Beyond the Fringe.

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