Thursday, June 11, 2009

little toy gun

This morning, there was a talk program on the local NPR station that discussed pressures on teenage girls. The expert was a psychologist who wrote a book about the subject and is in town for a book talk. The author’s a guy with 2 boys. The moderator was a guy. There were all the usual perspectives and the callers, mostly women, added a great deal of comment, most of it echoing the gravity of the issue.

Honey Honey’s song “Little Toy Gun” has a rather dark but understandable perspective on feminine pressures. The song seems a commentary on the power that women now realize they possess in the world. As if they approach this power with some thoughtful loathing and a sense of the gravity and fear associated with a weapon whatever that weapons form.

I’m not sure how this song affects the discussion, but for me it sounds like a signature voice from young American women who feel surrounded by predators and demon influences. Those influences in the media may appear trivial to adults, but the images purveyed by the marketing community do influence people as to the perceived “shape of perfection”.

This is a live performance by Honey Honey in 2008.

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