Friday, August 14, 2009

chairman(person) of the bored

It’s certainly been a busy summer in the virtual world of online virtual politics. Our local newspaper writers seem to stretch across the nation and the world to discuss topics quite foreign, even imaginary, and usually their local fare concentrates on the tabloid worthy goings on in City Hall courtesy of Mr. Funkhouser.

Heathcare, the lack thereof, the ideas…The financial sector…the auto industry…and all along the defense issues, the wars, or now characterized, the counter-insurgencies.

All very complex issues but what’s a bit poignant to me is that this has all been about business…not politics.

Those four industry sectors are very real…with large national and international market shares…

I suppose the next sector up for virtual debate is energy…another business sector…this will come when the weather cools down and the heating bills cease getting paid.

We did not elect a President, we elected a Chairman of the (virtual) Board.

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