Tuesday, August 11, 2009

in the midst

this is a portion of Frank Gehry's office in Marina Del Ray...I'll replace this with a picture of Mike's office...this gives you a sense of the working architecture studio, a place where people collaborate

Sitting in my brother’s office area today writing while he attends a meeting. He’s an architect and this office really says that without requiring any signage. Walk in and you see pictures of buildings, models, material samples, renderings, drawings and sketches all over the walls. It feels more like a studio, not a gallery of art but a true studio, and that’s what happens here. In the midst of his body of work…and yet despite the vastness, the true body of his work exists as real spaces. Reality. And add to the reality the collection of ideas never built, the competitions entered, the submissions.

So, I wonder what the effect of having art all around you does for the creative process. There’s a wonderful sense of sensory randomness here that gives me so many things to think about and feel while thinking. Loads of input, suppose one could take it that way. Mostly for me, being around beauty calms the soul and makes my brain smile. At home, my studio consists of piles of books…some that belong to me with the stack I’m reading from the library. Somehow I need books close. Books, paper, and a pen. My laptop too but I could live happily without it.

This is such an incredible collection…what’s in the office here and what’s out there on the ground. Overwhelming, joyful, evolving, individual, connected by people with the architect as connector.

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