Saturday, August 1, 2009

jimmy the exploder

Broadway Café, July 1999. I had just spoken with my brother in New Jersey, actually I was in Kansas City, and asked him what he’d been listening to recently. He’s always my music guru, besides being my bro. A few doors down from the café is “Streetside Records”…still surviving despite amazonian dominance and barnesanddishonorable… He tells me “White Stripes”…what’s the name of the album?...White Stripes. Finish my second coffee, a bit of a caffeine shake and walk to the record store…make the purchase. I decided to have a third cup and read the liner notes.

This very drunk young woman…this was about 3 pm, happy hour was somewhere…walks up the sidewalk, goes inside, gets a coffee, comes outside and plops in the chair beside me wobbling coffee out of her cup as she cursed gravity. She sees my CD and yells “White Stripes!”. She says loudly, "wherejaget it cause I been lookin for dat, man”. I directed her to the record shop which she had staggered by on the way to her present location.

She “stagger-ran” to the shop and emerged a few minutes later, jumping up and down outside yelling “I got da last f-bombin copy!”.

I can't listen to the first song “jimmy the exploder” without remembering her announcement.

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