Saturday, August 1, 2009

stop making sense

A very interesting film called “It Might Get Loud” will slip into some theaters this month. The trailer looks cool…Jack White, Jimmy Page, and Edge hang out for some lick listening and riff exchange, peddle technology discussion and explanation of how the foot buttons make the magic. Jack White builds an electric guitar with a nail, guitar string, a hunk of wood, and a coke bottle. We all have our favorite guitar riffs…Kashmir?...Oh well? We won’t be fooled again?...When Love Comes to Town?...Rag and Bone?...the repetitious riff in New Sensation?...get people together and talk about their favorite guitarists and riffs and it can get testy…but fun…and usually turns into a very annoying “oh yeah” series of revelations…

Recently saw the trailer for the concert film “Soul Power” coming here in a few weeks…the ’74 concert in Zaire…James Brown and others…looks awesome…

Concert films…it’s been a while since there’s been a great one…my favorite is the ’87 Talking Heads Concert film “Stop Making Sense”. It begins with a bare stage, David walks on with his guitar and a tape recorder and starts to sing “Psycho Killer”…by the time they sing “Burning Down the House” there’s about 25 people on stage.

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