Thursday, December 17, 2009

Herbert & Dorothy Vogel’s collection

Megumi Sasaki’s documentary film “Herbert & Dorothy” aired on PBS’ “Independent Lens” on Tuesday night. The film may appear in a theatre or gallery near us soon. It should really, for these people and their story (as well as their collection in the National Gallery in Washington) will inspire you.

Today, we can become distanced from art easily despite our ability to bring images to our screens. In fact, you may be reading this on a handheld devise at lunch and desire to bring up this image of Dorothy and Herbert to see what they look like. We have this ability to bring art and image, music and even dance into our lives easily now. The Vogels showed me how art can be something to embrace, first hand.

Today, at this moment, artists create. While we seek to collect commercial products and download apps, we have the opportunity to connect with artists and their art. And in your case, you ay have a talent, a hobby, that is art. Since Andy Warhol and others in his Pop generation started this idea of “whatever the artists decides is art is”, you too can define the “is” in your life, and create as well as collect.

The Vogels, over many years amassed a collection of art, under various genre names named by art critics, in their NY apartment. They collected friends as well…artists, gallery owners, and curators. With the artists, they would want to understand the process, meet them and literally watch the creating happen.

If you’re a collector of anything and an avid one, you’ll connect with their story. If “art makes you feel”, this will tug on your senses and sensibility. And if art is not your thing, it may be after you meet two people quirkier than you believe yourself to be.

One of my favorite bumper stickers: “Without art, life is stupid”

Visit your National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC here or for real sometime…and see the Vogels’, now your, collection.

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