Wednesday, December 16, 2009

no dredging

I think every once in a while, certain things give me reason to pause and look back at where I’ve been. Life’s like that. Good to examine the steps and the progressions, digressions, processions and paths. Things shift with time, tides, sands, winds. Some call this erosion. I like to think of it as change. Once people worried about the eroding Jersey beaches. Their memory of the place was less than a century old. With time the sands shifted, and with a few rock jetties, the sand collected in a very big unexpected way. I suppose we need to dredge channels to keep them deep, but I worry about the clams and life down there that get sucked up in the tube, displaced or worse destroyed when we make it safe for our sailboats. Today, unexpectedly, someone sent this photo of Casper, and the image made me think about sea and sand, change and looking back a bit. I swallowed the lump in my throat quickly and stopped myself from dredging a channel that’s not there.

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