Monday, October 11, 2010

Evan Ashby’s organic definition

We’re concerned about what we eat. All of that buzz going on in the food world about organic. We use the word so much these days, it’s becoming a meaningless buzz word like social network or connectivity. If the adjective appears on a package of food, chances are you’ll pay more for the mystery of organic assurance.

This word bugged Evan Ashby and thanks to his thinking about the organic “thing” beated about in discussions with friends, he explored using wood as the surface for his interesting photography. It all begins there with his organic eyes…

Taking pine from Home Depot, sanding it, coating it with an emulsifying stinking solution, he takes overhead projector acetate 8x11 sheets and zips them through a printer whereby his digital images receive a colorful shower of color whereby he takes these sticky sheets and carefully applies them to the moist sanded planks. Voila. Block printing, 21st century style.

A friend of mine, Chris Dahlquist, prints her photography on painted sheets of metal…there’s kinship there and I hope Evan can meet Chris soon to share. But, that’s another story.

What makes Evan’s art fun is the way he slices things, cuts the images into pieces in the form of diptychs and triptychs…for me, it felt like looking at the world through window panes.

He selected his wood based upon the play of the grain. I need to hook Evan up with Tim O’Neill, a Kansas City wood artist magician and craftsman. Another lunch date.

Speaking of lunch…stop by Mildred’s in the Crossroads soon for a bite and some quality caffeine solutions. Evan’s usually there because he runs the place. Then take a short walk to the Missouri Bank on Southwest Blvd. and have a look at Evan’s pieces…

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