Monday, October 11, 2010

Feast upon Kelly Porter’s colorful collection of cells Pattern Noise : soft control, an exhibition at blue gallery in the Crossroads

Kelly Porter’s artwork takes me back to biology class and to my botany elective where the professor had us examine specimens under a microscope and sketch the cells and learn their collective structures. Her pieces, with brilliant colors, abstraction, and suggestion, combined with their size had me staring and dreaming for a long time in Blue Gallery last week.

Some of Kelly’s designs suggested how they could be great tapestries in fabric, or even rugs. The softness was there and I was imagining some as cool comfortable surfaces to walk upon and walk through. Magnetic.

I enjoy art that suggests and nudges me to daydream a bit. Contemporary art has that quality.

Art becomes even more enjoyable when curators and gallerists add artistic nuance with wonderful presentation, juxtaposition, lighting, space, and connection. Kelly Kuhn and her husband David do this so well. Their gallery is a treasure in the Crossroads, a welcoming space, calm, and a pleasure to experience.

I need to go there often. I like to visit, but after two years living here, it’s a place I’m drawn to because there’s always something there to make me smile. You must have places like that as well. I call them “filling stations”.

Catch Kelly Porter’s colorful collection of cells connected and curated by Kelly Kuhn…a sweet feast.

pictured, Heroes by Kelly Porter, oil on canvas, 62" x 72.5", photo by Tom Ryan

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