Thursday, December 2, 2010

A KansasMissouri economic vitality zone

The current economic border war puts a grimy haze upon our jewel; the Kansas City area. I say area, choosing to leave out a reference to your home state after the comma. Could two governors develop a peace treaty, draw a new economic vitality zone border around this wonderful place? Let the border wars occur upon the fields of friendly strife and on the boards at your favorite stadium and fieldhouse.

Such a treaty will take a great deal of time and consensus-building but it could create an atmosphere of collaboration as well as healthy competitiveness in the MidWest. Kansas and Missouri have no other economic show in any other area. We’re it.

Get out your maps and start drawing a logical line…from the airport south to_? From Lawrence east to_?

Local municipalities will howl. State’s rights-ers grumple. Businesses could benefit. Citizens deserve a solution, one where they have a voice.

After all, this is the Kansas City area, so why not an “area” solution that fits who we are already?

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