Thursday, December 2, 2010

A KansasMissouri economic vitality zone: part 2 – counties

In thinking about how to bring some awkward unity to the discussion of solving the polarizing economic border war we face, I thought this morning about these places called counties, realizing that we may have bordered entities already in-place; entities that could be bolstered with an additional charter. After all, we don’t need additional layers of government.

So, perhaps a solution could be a sort of “council of counties”; a cross-state-border summit facilitated by our two governors. Could a multiple county council work to agree upon issues like tax credits and exemptions? Could two governors agree to collaborate and collectively leverage the richness of this area to end an otherwise unproductive and debilitating struggle for revenue?

Government not only needs to get smaller, but it will over the coming years out of sheer necessity. The numbers or lack thereof, speak louder than campaign ideas. Best practices deserve sharing. Tax payers deserve efficiency. Businesses desire to grow and businesses not from this area continue to look to this area as a potentially attractive place to set up shop. Citizens with business dreams should be encouraged to make their dreams come true here; not somewhere else domestically or overseas.

Finances have a way of breaking up families and that dynamic applies to our cross-border one. In a very economic sense, we cannot afford the continued bickering. Bickering is natural though in times like this. Families often need counseling. This possible council of counties could be the beginning for a new Kansas City…a family reunion that looks austerity square in the eye and makes sweet lemonade from the sour-tasting fruit of provincial thinking.

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