Sunday, January 23, 2011

altar cloth

…pay tribute…rocks, stones, stardust.

An exile dating from 1972…
Doing the math…scribble 39 years.
Some homage payers barely a gleam
In eyes when the exile announced…
A Jimmy Miller production
Built with blood and sticky fingers,
Soup on the back burner…
Dusty vinyl.
Gone the way of cruise ship staff
In search of a cruise ship?
Rehearsal for the retirement home?

While nearby Techno digital mash-up makers
Make something new
From the old with one’s and zero’s.
Thank you, Girl Talk and others…
Analoguers having fun
With venerable old standards…
Their parental indiscretions
Ill-advised, the grandfather smiles

Stones that rolled
To Parchman Farm and re-invented
Hurt and Johnson, covered, conquered,
And sold it back to us,
While Bo diddled and Chuck buried.

Another layer of lacquer
A glaze, shining a so-called altar
Genuflect, star struck. Classic.
Exiled on Main Street.

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