Sunday, January 23, 2011

The artists in small numbers at Party Arty

Last night, Rachael Jane and I talked about the artists in this town, the arty not at the party. Saw my artist photographer actor friend Elaina Cochran with her husband, photographer Jeff. Jeff, like me, dressed mid-ships in unassuming black, Elaina wearing layers of green and black looking like she stepped out of a French fashion couture magazine in sharp contrast to the glitz around her. Numerous fashion faux pas party-fouls aplenty. Jeff and Elaina looked as they are…artists. Where were the artists at Party Arty? In the rooms were their potential patrons, young people of great means who will hopefully some day collect the incredible art that artists are producing in this arty town. I hope that after the party today, these future collectors get out and about to our galleries, online and real, support the musicians, and help sustain our passion. We should remember that our patrons are our partners on this journey…our potential fans upon whom we bounce our feelings and receive the bounce-back of applause and awe. Next year we should infiltrate the Party Arty with more artists…

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