Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I live in a city with bridges, neighbourhoods
Contrasts with connections this Kansas City
Feels scattered at times, out times
When I’m hungry, I cross a bridge
Over a highway, looking down
Hurtling masses of people, machines buzz
Bridges over rivers, streams, bays
First attempts at engineering
Before you needed a degree
To get from here to there
Bridges we go under, over
Fight over, bridges in songs
Maybe in our mouth, someday
Bridges we build, defend, seize
We burn them often, intentional?
Nice when you can cross, back
And forth, forward somewhere
Or just stand on it
Some end it there with a leap
Or a dare, Billy Joe McCallister
Trains, even planes at DFW cross
Obstacles, try crossing a river
Swim it, or take the bridge
Change, going from comfort to uncertain
There’s the road, on it with Jack
Brooklyn, trees there you know
We think about crossing, yet
Often we don’t even see them
Some, just there to give safe passage
Without worry
Others invisible, trying to link us
Bridges take time, strong, fragile
Valuable landmarks, broken down forgotten
Covered wooden ones, Madison County ones
Meant for being in, as well as over, shaded
Noisy inside when hoof beats beat
All these roads, tolls, trolls underneath
Bridges between buildings downtown
Corner office, to skyway to Subway
Sandwich breaks, walk to lunch
Out of the rain, rarefied air, filtered, hush
Cross when you come to it, no worries
When you come to it, surprise, open eyes
What a view
Where were you, before?
Art from MidTown to downtown, tax time, baby
Comfort studio, acoustic cash, stash
Trash looks cool, that plastic bag
American Beauty, floating by
Her corporate suit looks enticing, heels
Feels like a different world over the bridge
Cause, it is, cause and affect, yeah with an “a”
Ponder crossing, shifts, lifts, stirrings
Out of the safe house, back by the outhouse
Mouse traps, that bridge over Townsend’s Inlet
Raises in the middle, to draw in the tall masts
To the Great Sound Bay docks
A bridge temporarily out of service
Bridges as gates, gates to climb
Time to cross, I’m hungry.

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