Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Eroded, rather carved with water
Over time, pieces of what once
Was solid, seemingly ordered
Flakes, bits of small fragments
Miniscule crystals, scattered
From the once that was, now
Swept, gathered, placed
Set aside for now, the pile
The time that passed, to make
The whole, time and care
Chaos it seems, transformed, order
A new sort, the whole changed
Sculpt, indent, canyon, deep intent
River flow on, current swift
Above gaze down, survey downstream
Upstream and in-between
Time perhaps this river, source
Once visited far and away
Where is that shimmering stream?
Fed by a spring deep below? small
Seeping, weeping rock, snow melts
After months of cool blanketing flakes
Each a masterpiece, they join, fluid
After clouds made their magic, shivered
All those pointed, bright edges, pooled
Now move, transformed from detritus
To this channel of hope, embracing
Edges as they run forward, enticing
The whole, the banks, sides, crevices
Relent, release, bit by lovely bit, onward.

picture from kidsgeo.com

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