Monday, November 28, 2011

Our liberating, libertarian Kansas City Public Library

I’m sensing a libertarian political philosophy in our Kansas City Public Library. Ships have captains and the library’s seems to imbue this public institution with a rather subtle agenda of programs that whisper the philosophy gently. And perhaps that’s the nature of libertarianism; to suggest with civility, to encourage one to broaden intellectual horizons with thought and keen curiosity.

I like it, really. I love the place, my neighborhood second home, the Central Library. I enjoy the programs, my Book Club, the staff, the welcoming spirit there. It’s a gift that gives seven days a week.

In this day of media labeling, of conservative vs. liberal artificial flavorings, we have places like a library to explore on our own. With raucous talk radio and arresting sound-tracked sound bites on TV, we have books for free. We can check it out on our own and check out a few books in an assortment of formats; paper, audio, and “e”. This is not an advertisement for our library. They market themselves very well as they should, for we deserve to know what’s going on there, and they engage the people of this great city in so many great ways.

No, this is merely a musing on the nature of subtlety, suggestion, and libertarian thought. I think I’ll walk there today and research the term…

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