Thursday, December 1, 2011

A School of the Arts for the Crossroads, Kansas City

I’ve lived in the Crossroads, Kansas City for just three years. People are choosing to live here and work here for many good reasons. It’s a nice neighborhood. I love it here and have decided to make it my home.

One thing missing from my neighborhood is a neighborhood school that educates children.

I think having a school here amid the arts, and most important all the wonderful artists, could enrich the people and the place a great deal. Others have a similar view, I sense. UMKC is discussing moving their Conservatory of Music here in the future. Big ideas start with small steps. Here’s what I’m thinking:

- A private institution with the independence to work towards excellence, free from the bureaucracy of State oversight.

- Begin with grades K to 5 and establish a day care/pre-school

- Hire local artists to teach. Fund interested artists to obtain teacher accreditation.

- Build the school slowly to expand grades, with an ultimate goal of grades K-12 with a ten year plan

- Create a curriculum that includes the visual and performing arts with an emphasis on the liberal arts and languages.

- Partner with local artistic organizations, businesses and companies (ballet, symphony, and opera)

- Partner with the Kansas City Arts Institute

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  1. Very cool Tom. As an Alumni of KCAI, my senior thesis had this component in my presentation. This was in 2004, I have been in the crossroads with a gallery connected to the LVAC, then moved my design studio and started another gallery in the basement for 4 years and now I am across the street at 2011 Baltimore. If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by and we can discuss further.

    Kind Regards,