Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Create a weapons free zone in Kansas City Missouri

All this discussion about the right to carry weapons on campuses. All of these weapons in Kansas City. We certainly cannot legislate this issue at the national level but we can begin here in Kansas City Missouri by making this a weapons-free zone, instead of a free-fire zone. Who has the will to begin the discussion at this level of detail?

I believe it’s possible. I sincerely believe it’s necessary.

This is a discussion-starter and yet I suspect no one will comment here below due to the insane nature of this proposal. I think we can establish a lack of a hunting need in the city. I think we can find other noise-makers on the 4th of July. Our squirrel population seems manageable, right now. Religious groups lobby for anti-abortion laws, contraception control…have you heard a cleric expound on the issue of violence? The same clerics who preach against abortion go silent when confronted with an issue like this that suggests more killing and sadness. It’s a bit hypocritical, really.

What do you think, Kansas City?

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