Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Losing Facebook

Facebook has become a part of my life for many reasons. I’m considering closing the book.

It’s definitely become a source of news and a marketing tool; to what degree and quality, I’m not sure. But I’ve decided to take a break. This has nothing to do with Facebook’s IPO bid.

For me, Facebook’s become a distraction from writing. Even this blog makes me think twice about the enterprise of writing online. Yet I enjoy sharing stuff with others. I understand the goodness of having a way to inform others about happenings, gigs, openings, shows, and parties. This is all in the first person…me, myself, and I.

Collectively, in our various orbits of connections, we contribute to the definition and the nature of our web of people and organizations. It’s nice to like. Friends are treasures. In this corner of the Facebook constellation, I find it to be positive and interesting. Perhaps I just need to visit less often…

Facebook has become a part of my life for many reasons. Perhaps I should keep the bookmark.

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  1. i keep a presence on fb partly for marketing and also because it's an easy way for LL music peeps to find me. but i grow weary of its invasive nature and all of the ads. sadly, it's not just facebook but the entire "world wide web" that has evolved into one big advertisement. it's nice to be connected but it is almost more trouble than it's worth.