Monday, April 16, 2012

Dystopia and dat one too

The “dystopia funhouse recipe”
A hard place from the Greek root
Greece now a dystopia too
measures of austerity measures
...oh the recipe, right

Create a world and in it
Place a primordial character
A throwback
A Charlie Chaplin or Buddha
In a steel factory
Tarzan in New York
Some cowboys or girls with the Aliens

Someone real like Ripley
Or Alien, that belongs in the section
Labeled Science Fiction not
To be confused with Science Non-Fiction
Let that character travel in this
World we dread may be real
In not so long a time

As we drag our beliefs
Dread, don't forget dread
Values or none
Into that world we go
To return
Because it’s dreaded but not
Real, yet

We return, reconciled
Stumbling out of the theater
Into bright light, marquee flashing
Summarized when that woman
With the hammer
Swings and slings it
Into the screen
How ya like dem apples?

pictured, that Apple commercial rehash
of The Iron Heel by Jack London
or maybe you were thinking 1984
or that Brave New World
...required reading listed books...

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