Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Muddle of the Map Quest

Or…how artists sumbit (for an entry fee) their wares to those who vet (as in select)…’tis the way of the (art?) world…

How can this be a Kansas City-ish festival of sound without the likes of Jason Beers?

And yet, this is a party, of sorts, a geographical cartographic derivation of the south by southwestern azimuth.

The town flexes its artistry-muscles and attempts to gain attention. Will there be talent scouts about? Producers in search of a new sound? Or perhaps someday, will a producer capable of producing choose to live in Kansas City to produce? A BBQ version of T-Bone Burnett?

Some artists, like David Regnier and Betse Ellis, (literally) defy vetting, selection, and scrutiny…they just are…

...by the way, Betse plays at theBrick this Saturday, April 7th, unvetted…

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