Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kansas City’s “stray” bullets will fly again on this July 4th

Much ado about fireworks and dry grass. A heat wave intensifies. Calls for action to dampen the use of explosive devices emitting colored light and noise. Last year, a bullet from a mindless reveler celebrating independence killed 11 year old Blair Shanahan Lane. This year the bullets will fly once again for they always do on this day in this part of America where guns and space are treasured.

Aaron Sullivan received a three-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter in February 2012. He said it was an accident.

I flinch at the adjective “stray”. Yet the news outlets last year used it without thought. Bullets do not stray. People fire bullets with guns. Place their fingers on triggers and squeeze. This writing will not bemoan our guns. These few lines serve as a reminder to you that people here in the Kansas City area will fire guns into the air again on July 4th as the sun sets. A few of the booms we hear will be produced by high velocity projectiles exiting the “business ends” of firearms.

As awkward as it is to write this in this week of city pride centered about the American Pastime’s celebratory convention of its finest corporate suits in various colors, we deserve a reminder that July 4th celebrations here in the Kansas City area include firing guns. Take care, safe journey, and take cover.

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