Saturday, April 25, 2009

pumas in the cravasses

Books on American history, sociology, and modern trends like Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Outliers” occupy a great deal of space in the main library’s new book section. This new book section is pretty cool, like having a free Barnes and Noble only better. Another section boasting ample linear feet of shelf is the memoir section. Lots of reflection pool writing there. Numerous people who’ve experienced ugly experiences now redeemed and sporting rather attractive jacket photos considering their ordeals of bad decisions and addictive behaviors of many kinds. I selected a memoir yesterday called “Love Junkie” by Rachel Resnick. Pretty edgy stuff. Recently a friend of mine sent me a TED video of Elizabeth Gilbert author of “eat pray love”. Elizabeth pissed me off with her self apointment into the “angst pantheon” with the likes of Plath and Sexton. Sorry, Elizabeth, you’re a pop journalist, annoying, spoiled, and you have no edge. Resnick’s book had edge. Edge example: halfway through the book I was ready to yell, “get the hell out of that abusive relationship”. Quite a few places where I winced. While there are many books examining “functional” gifted behavior, because let’s face it people want gifted children or many people have gifted children with whom they cannot relate or people think they themselves deserve a gifted tag so they want to read about how to be a better gifted human representative, truckloads of reading material for those interested in dysfunctional life sit there waiting to be read. This morning, remembering the Smothers Brothers. When I was young I enjoyed memorizing their routines and I was always searchng for “pumas in cravasses” while considering the vast history of America.
Boil that cabbage down…

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