Friday, August 21, 2009

filmed theater, passing strange?

I know, the live theater is magic and nothing can replace the “roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd”. Spike Lee’s new film of the Broadway show, “Passing Strange” sounds like great fun. I’ve watched bits on U-Tube. He and the author, Stew, chose to shoot the film in its stage play atmosphere, so apparently it’s a very tight and well produced, crisp view at the theater. This could be a trend setter I think.

Local theater artists may be worried. But Broadway producers may be examining a new spreadsheet of revenue possibility here, too. And audiences, like me, who love Broadway shows, but cannot get there, cringe a bit at amateur and even road productions, would love to see the first class stuff, even if it’s on film.

Could this be the revival format for the American musical? The talent on Broadway does not come from NY people. These folks are from all over the country and world...And why waste your time watching “American Idols Can Dance and Have Mediocre Talent” when you can watch real talented people who will knock your socks off and blow your hair back?

In fact, why not film some of the auditions and rehearsals?…like the recent film about the revival of “A Chorus Line”, called “Every Little Step”…

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